What makes you angry? How angry do you get? What do you focus your anger on? Or who? Is your anger justified? How much does your anger cost you - materially, financially, mentally, spiritually, socially? Are you getting angry for the real reasons? How can you focus your anger on the 'thing' that has made you angry in a way that sorts it out and stops your anger from spilling over into the rest of your life?

Technology has come on in leaps and bound in the last few years. Call Centres are using software, and hardware, like Autonomy's Audentify ,which became ETalk, and callminer which offer the ability to listen into a conversation and 'understand' it and the whole way in which that conversation is going regarding honesty or emotionally or productively. 

Imagine hearing about something that makes your blood boil with fury.

With this kit you could just say it as it is and the kit would know 

  • you are serious
  • you are very angry/emotional
  • you understand the issues - or you don't
  • you want something done about it NOW