Do you have problems remembering things?

Every time I throw a grand mal epileptic fit I lose a whole chunk of memories - the worst was three years of people places and events. The other problem with grand mal fits is that some of the memories you have are actually stitched together from many memories and often are not real.

One of the drugs i have been taking to control my epilepsy has a long term effect on memory as well.

All in all add the above to the normal everyday scramble of life and you should be able to see why I want the world around me to have access to an interface device that works with it better than I do! So I can use it! Now

Well, like the call centre software from etalk - it would record everything i said to it and understand it - based on Meanings Based Computing - a computer that understands the meaning of the data being in putted.

That's right.  it doesn't take what it hears and turn it into script then work on it to understand that. No, it understands it as it comes along. Very Neat Mr L. (-:

Well, I want this kit working on my own profile as I walk through my life - so If I am using it I can't forget anything - or if I do it can tune in on what it is with me so I can remember more quickly.

Their new piece of technology called IDOL  ECHO would be marvellous for this - it tracks any piece of information into and through and out of an organisation, or in this case, my profile.